A home insurance is one type of insurance contract is intended to cover damages that occur in a home and / or its content and arising from any unforeseen event , covering all risks of various kinds.

When it comes to hiring home insurance it is worth taking into account a number of things that we tell you here. In general, the less secure the home, the greater the value, the older the construction and the greater its value and that of the insured property in its interior (content), the higher the premium payable.

1.- Look for insurance that allows you to insure the house or its furniture loose or all together , depending on your relationship with it.

Home insurance distinguishes between the continent (the home itself) and the content (the goods that make up the home: appliances, electronic equipment, jewelry, etc.) and should allow you to ensure what you really want to insure.

So look for insurance that allows you to insure continent, content or both together, according to your needs (for example, you can be a rented homeowner to a third party, and therefore only interested in securing the continent, since The content is not yours, or you can be the lessee and just want to insure the furniture).

2.- Keep in mind that a home insurance can cover practically all types of damages , so select the ones that really interest you if you do not want to pay a horse bonus:

Damage to the dwelling by fire or explosion or by extreme atmospheric phenomena (floods, hail, rains, etc.),

Damage due to theft (items, jewelry, valuables , etc.) or attempted robbery (damage to doors, windows, bars, etc.)

Aesthetic damages to the house and its doors, glass, windows, toilets, bath screens, worktops, etc.

The civil liability of the dwelling (for detachments, broken pipes, etc.) and that of its residents (inside the house or from it out, for example, a pot that falls to the street causing damages), etc.

Damage to electronic equipment (including personal computers) and appliances .

A series of related services : emergency repairs, damage claims, etc.