Whatever our garden or our garden practices it is necessary to provide us with a minimum of tools. They are something like an extension of the gardener himself, without which many tasks will be more difficult, dangerous or directly impossible. This equipment does not have to be acquired suddenly, with the expense and effort that would entail. It can be expanded with time and according to our experience, budget and particular needs. We can also resort to borrowing, if we find someone sufficiently equipped and with enough generosity and patience. Although to this we should only resort to familiarize ourselves with the tool or decide on a specific model.

Anyway, the garden material will always be a good investment that will become profitable right away. It is better to spend a little more buying quality tools. A good tool we will use for years, maybe every day, with the help, ease and even pleasure that this entails. The gardener’s clothing is also important, for hygiene, comfort and safety it is appropriate to dress appropriately to work in the garden.
Below are some of the most basic utensils that should always be handy in our garage or garden shed.


The sun is a most serious danger to the gardener. What is work or a hobby can end up becoming a tremendous nightmare. Unless we take some measures that are quite simple: avoid the hours of greater sunshine, cover ourselves and use protective cream …

Garden hat

Gloves keep hands clean and prevent injuries to them when handling plants, tools, machinery, etc. They protect us from thorns, sharp and sharp objects and also from dangerous chemicals such as lime or pesticides …

Garden hat

The doormat is a good alternative to the wheelbarrow for a small garden. It is useful at the time of cleaning, such as picking leaves, pruning debris or the garden or while sweeping. It is used to collect the harvest in the orchard or as an aid to move soil, mulch, stones …

Garden hat

Cutting tools are essential in the garden. With them we heal the plants, removing the withered stems and the old or diseased wood. They serve to shape, shape the structure and stimulate the development of trees, shrubs and hedges by pruning or grafting …

Folding garden ladder

The garden ladder should be light so that it can be moved and manipulated. The lighter ones are made of aluminum, although they are more expensive than iron ones. It should be foldable, so that it occupies little space when we store it and if we need to transport it can be carried comfortably in the trunk of the car …

Garden hat

It is a very useful invention for the elderly and, in general, for those who are not in a position to make efforts. We will always move more weight with the cart than we would by hand, and with less risk and fatigue. There are various types, prices and sizes …