– The type of housing, its location in the block of flats in case of being floor and the use made of it affect the cost of the premium. It is not the same an intermediate floor of the center of the city that a villa in an urbanization used in vacations only. On the other hand the attics usually give more parts for these more exposed to the inclemencies and the low ones for the possibilities of accidents, if they give the outside.

– The built surface , the qualities of the materials used and the measures of security of the dwelling also determine the cost of the premium.

Insurance companies can easily determine the qualities of the home depending on the availability or not of air conditioning (and, if there is one, whether it is individual or collective), whether or not it has heating (more or less propensity to breakdowns and floods ) Or if there is butane gas in cylinders (explosion cases).

As for security measures, insurers will want to know if there are windows with bars, armored or armored doors, if there is an alarm (with their detectors on the different parts of the house), and if so, if it is Connected with the police or a private surveillance service.

-Keep in mind that insurers may impose a grace period , that is, a period until which the policy will not be effective, during which they will not cover any damages that may occur.

– If you contract online, you will probably save some money on the premium , as insurers subsidize this type of direct recruitment with discounts.

If you contract online through a comparator of home insurance (Rastreator, Acierto, Arpem or Seguros.es) keep in mind that this is a product that is so wide in coverage, it is difficult to compare between different insurers.

In this case it is advisable to first be clear what we want to cover with the insurance and then take the trouble to request a quote in two or three insurers of our confidence.

– If you have to give a part for a loss, do it as soon as possible , since if you delay a long time the insurer could refuse to cover the damages, even if they were insured.