– The first thing the insurer will take into account when calculating your premium (tarificarte) will be your identity and year of construction of your home, your zip code location, the use made of it (front residence To professional activity) and whether it is inhabited or not.

In areas where there is a lot of accidents (for example, urbanizations with many thefts), the insurer may charge you a higher premium than in those quiet places. If the activity inside the house is professional, you can refuse to insure (risk excluded).

– Make sure you know the excluded risks that can be imposed by the insurer .
This will force you to accept a number of excluded risks (cases in which you may be denied assurances, including if several parts were previously given or the truth is misrepresented).

Among the most common excluded risks are:

Isolated dwellings of other dwellings in urbanizations;

Dwellings empty most of the year;

Housing in construction or reconstruction or inventoried with aluminosis or other serious structural defects;

Prefabricated houses made of wood or caravans;

Housing occupied by unemployed persons and / or students or by more than one family or multiple tenants;

Housing rented less than a year or informally;

To do this, the user has to make a statement that your home is not in any of the cases of exclusion and take the consequences of lying or giving information incomplete or inaccurate should give part by a sinister .

– The insurers will take into account if in the house have recently made reforms in pipes and electrical system (plugs, fuse box, wiring, etc.).

The more recent these two less premium facilities will be paid, since less likely will be the most common housing problems (water leaks and fires).