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Tips for taking the right Home Insurance Policy for your Home

Did you know that 15% of households suffer a domestic problem a year ?, and the average compensation for such domestic accidents is around 384 euros. This is revealed by a Direct Line study.

According to ICEA data, 32.9% of the claims for water were water damages, followed by glass breakage (19.3%), assistance services (10.8%), , Damage caused by atmospheric phenomena (6.9%) and robbery or damage due to robberies (6.7%).

To make it easier and avoid possible confusion or errors at the time of hiring your home insurance , we give you 7 keys to keep in mind when hiring home insurance:

1) Make sure the information given is correct *

Parameters of housing and use of housing. For example, if you are a landlord or a tenant, to ensure each coverage with the corresponding values ??(value to replacement, first risk …).

2) Make a preliminary inventory guide

An inventory of what you have at home will allow you to give a value as close as possible to reality.

3) Do not ever compare your cousin with your friend or neighbor …

Since the premium they have given you probably does not cover the same as the one of your acquaintance, and your house is not the same as yours.

4) Look at the differences

Almost all home market policies are very similar in terms of coverage and the main differences are usually found in:

The guarantee of theft from the home.
Aesthetic damages: some cover the continent and content, and others only to the continent.
Electrical damage.
Additional guarantees: such as DIY, computer assistance …

5) Check that each company understands the concept of “jewels”

Since it can result in that in case of loss there is no coverage due to ignorance or misinterpretation of what each insurer considers covetable object.

6) It verifies that each insurer interprets by “objects of special value”

Just as with jewelry, to avoid surprises, it is important to be clear that each company understands this type of “special value” objects.

7) Tell us if you have protection against theft in order to benefit from some discount

With protection against theft we refer to whether the house has an armored door, bars, alarm … With them you can benefit from some type of variable discount according to the Insurers. Although many times these protections are not only valid for discounts but determinants to ensure the risk or not.